This page is dedicated to my long time
friend and mentor
Richard (Dick) Cannone
Dick Cannone, better know as
Rich to his friends, was the owner
of Tagkanic Kennels. Located in
Upstate New York, Tagkanic
Kennels was known for its large,
bully dogs. Rich bred these dogs
for over 20 years starting in the
1960's. Not only did he breed
some very impressive dogs in his
time (as you can see in the pics
below), he was also very
instrumental in helping kennels
like; Stoneykill, Stud Services,
and Tailwynde, who owned one of
Rich's dogs. Rich also sold Anita
Lewis her first ever Bullmastiff.
CH. Pocantico's Bruno
Top Sire of Tagkanic Kennels
Bruno sired all of the dogs below.
Tagkanic's Jane
Sired by CH. Moses
Had tremendous type and bone and was
Tailwynde's Paine Webber's Dam.
CH. Tagkanic's Guliver
Won Best of Breed at Westminster in the late
seventies. Guliver was a great show dog and was
very sound.
CH. Tagkanic'sMax
In Rich's opinion, one of his best dogs ever. A totally
balanced dog with type and bone (a breeder's dream).
Unfortunately Max was sterile and his owners were
not show people.
Tagkanic's Mac
Mac was my personal dog and bodyguard. To this day I still consider Mac the
smartest dog I've ever owned. I never had to show him anything twice. He
was totally fearless and growled at thunder and lightning. Also took reserve
at Westminster.
CH. Tagkanic's Bruno's Moses
Won a 5-point major in Philadelphia and
was known for his size, type and great