TruGrit is not only dedicated to breeding sound
quality Bullmastiffs, but is also dedicated to our
family and the dogs we have bred and owned
have been a part of our family and home right
along. We hope you enjoy these candid
pictures taken at our home.
Myself with Justin Batchelor and
Conan the day I brought him
home to be a part of our family.
Justin and Nicole Batchelor with
Conan celebrating a birthday.
The Batchelor gang in the house enjoying
some of the comforts of life.
Pictured here is a young Justin& and his
friend Ch.TruGrit's Above and Beyond.
Pictured my son Justin with Ch. Conan and 5 week
old Jeager sitting in my father-in-law's lap.
Easter Sunday 1988, Family Portrait
from left, my daughter Nicole, Ch.Conan, puppy
(Ch.TruGrits Crystal Ball), her dam (Ch.TruGrits Pride
and Joy), and her sire (Ch.TruGrits Jeager), and last
but not least, my son Justin.
Diane and I on St. Patrick's Day 1991.
Best man at my best friends wedding.