Below are photo's of some of our more well
know dogs that we have bred and owned in the
Ch. Badnuffs Warrior of TruGrit
Conan as he was known as is probably
my best producing stud dog, he produced
three specialty winners in only three litters.
Ch. TruGrit Jeager  ROM
Jeager was the number 1 Bullmastiff in
1987. He also was a multiple Bullmastiff
Specialty Best of Breed wnner.
Ch. TruGrit's Pride and Joy
Joy finnished her championship at the
Piedmont Bullmastiff Fanciers Specialty
in 1988.
Oz was a large substantial dog with great
pigment, he easily finnished his championship
including Winners Dog at the South Eastern
Bullmastiff Specialty.
Owned by: Grace LeGrose
Ch.TruGrit's Crystal Ball
Crystal was a Best in Sweeps winner and a
multiple Best Of Opposite Sex winner at
Bullmastiff Specialties
Ch. TruGrits Ms. Remmington
Remmy was the GPBF Specialty Winners
Bitch and Best Of Opposite sex Winner in
Ch TruGrit's Flynn Of Ram's Gate
Flynn was a Multiple Best Of Breed winner,
Working group winner and Loved and owned
by Judy Nash of Ram's Gate.
Owned by: Lynn &  Bre Thompson
of Cold Steel Knives
Ch. TruGrit's Above and Beyond
Ch. TruGrit's Kanga
My First Champion out of
Ch.Badnuffs Warrior of TruGrit (Conan)&
Ch.Starbrites Gypsy of TruGrit
By: Ch. Tri Ivory Baccardi & Ch. TruGrits Crystal Ball
Griffin was a multi Specialty Best Of Breed winner, Group
winner and Award of merrit at two National Specialties.
Ch.Aamodt's Bag of Tricks, aka.Otis
over for a weekend visit. Otis and Griffin
were litter mates.
Ch. Aamodt's Bag of Tricks
Ch. Aamodts Griffin of Ram's Gate
Co-Bred by Al Batchelor